Culture Changing (Part Two)

Never underestimate the power of yours words!  Speak life into your world.

According to Brian  Zahnd in Beauty will Change the World,  Prince Vladimir the Great  realized that a common religion would unify his Russian people.  On becoming the monarch of Kiev, Vladimir sent delegations across the globe searching for the ‘perfect unifying religion.’ The delegation came up short.
Although some religions were abstract or theoretical, others were dour and obscure and none could mystify and unite the Russian people. Then, the delegation returned from the Byzantine capital of Constantinople. The words of the delegation personify the importance of culture to all of us:
Then we went to Constantinople and they led us to the place 
where they worship their God, and we knew not whether we were in heaven or earth, for on earth there is no such vision nor 
beauty, and we do not know how to describe it; we only know 
that God dwells among men. We cannot forget that beauty.  *
What can I DO to add culture changing activities into my family/corporation?
  1. Create 

Encourage every opportunity for your children to create. 
Creating food together sets the tone for communication and connection. 
Create real products
My husband can do anything with his hands. He is very skilled with a hammer and nail. He is also skilled with a tile cutter, saw, drill, paint brush, and edger. He creates beauty in and around our home. That creativity changes the culture for us.
Instead of cursing the darkness of immoral messages in movies, illegible prose, and heinous poetry encourage your children to explore all avenues to CREATE culture.
Terah is the baby sister. Everyone believes she can change the world… but we ALL want her to play it SAFE while she is doing so! 
  1. Look for where change needs to happen
Instead of believing that they are too young or small and the problems are too big and scary— look for where change needs to take place.
When Terah was in college she told me she was working to end human trafficking. I actually thought, “What? Are you kidding? You barely weight 100 pounds! What are you gonna do? Beat up the pimps and traders?” On the outside I said, “That’s GREAT! What’s the plan and who are you going to be working with?”
I was smiling on the outside and praying on the inside.
Do not discourage ANY change in the culture for the good!
My girls love to text and share pics! This was a share the love day!
  1. Never underestimate the power of yours words!  Speak life into your world.
The power of life is in the tongue. Change your culture through your words!
  • You are instrumental in a movement that saves the lives of women and children!
  • You are changing how people think of giving birth.
  • You have made a life changing difference in the life of that family!
  • You are a brilliant mom raising brilliant children!
  • You are becoming a lawyer that will lock up the bad guys and set the innocent free!
  • You are a crusader for social justice!
  • You are righting the wrongs of your past!
“The first step – especially for young people with energy and drive and talent, but not money -the first step to controlling your world is to control your culture.
To model and demonstrate the kind of world you demand to live in.
To write the books. Make the music. Shoot the films. Paint the art.” Chuck Palahniuk (writer)
Culture changing starts with one small attitude and influence. Today: change your culture for the better!
Tell me some of your culture changing experiences below!
*CS Lewis The Weight of Glory

Author: Dr. Johnnie K. Seago

Johnnie Seago is a national conference speaker who is passionate about building leadership in families. As the mother to eight adult children, she desires families to learn to connect and communicate to build a community of support. She extends her leadership and team building experience to schools, businesses, and civic groups. Johnnie’s messages equip leaders to: Find their strength in the design God used to create them Find their purpose for which God created them Partner with others for support in reaching goals Commit to the dreams God has placed on their heart Become accountable for their success as leaders Johnnie’s ministry to families includes: Helping families transition from childhood to adulthood Teaching parents to communicate with their adult children Working through difficult situations as teens become adults Providing resources and ideas for productive grand-parenting Johnnie and her husband, Ted has been married for 40 years. They live in the suburbs of Houston, Texas on a lake where they enjoy boating and water sports and the occasional day of floating and reading.

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